The Beginning

Excited, nervous, terrified just some of the emotions I was going through the day I was supposed to leave. Everyone always talks about visiting new places but they always seem to skim over the hassles you might have to just get there. My first hurdle came when I arrived at the airport with several hours before my flight. I had a plan, print my ticket, charge my phone, get something to eat and call my worried mom before my overnight flight. Life had other ideas it seemed. I discovered when I tried to get my ticket and had to speak to the individuals at the front desk of the airline that my flight had been canceled. I know I know how could I not know? I wondered that too since I had the app on my phone. I had signed up for notifications and I had even checked in and picked my seat that morning. And then my internal freak out happened. The airline told me they could add me to another airline that was leaving in 30 minutes…on the other side of the airport. And the race to my new flight began. A train ride and several escalators later I made it right as they closed the checked baggage for my flight. Thankfully the girl at the desk was amazing and asked the flight attendants to hold the plane and got approval for both my bags to be considered carry-ons. She then ran with me from the desk carrying one of my bags in her 3-inch heels to the gate. I made it with the help of some amazing people. Thank you