What is cosplay?

The word cosplay is used to describe individuals who wear costumes and accessories to represent or imitate a character from an anime, comic or tv show. Individuals will usually cosplay their favorite characters.

Often times die-hard cosplayers will take time and can put some real money into their cosplays. SomeĀ cosplayers will build their outfits and accessories from scratch and other will hire someone to make their cosplay for them. Regardless of the type of convention one goes too there will usually be a mix of characters from animes, comics, and television.

Almost all conventions will have events geared towards cosplayers with many having a cosplay contest at some point over the weekend. During such contests cosplayers have the opportunity to showcase their cosplays by walking on a stage or performing a skit. Awards are given to individuals chosen by a panel of judges.

If you’ve never seen cosplayers than it might be overwhelming the first time you attend a convention but you can see some amazing cosplayers and then you can see some not so amazing ones. If you do see cosplayers feel free to ask to take their picture. They like that.

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Ever been to an anime convention?

What is Anime Central?

For those of you who do not know what Anime Central is, it is an anime convention that is held in Rosemont, IL. It is currently the largest anime convention held in the Midwest. It typically gets over 30,000 attendees during a three-day period. It usually takes place in the month of May. For more information on Anime Central, check out their website at www.acen.org.

Join me in my next couple of blog posts for more information on Anime Central, Cosplay and participating in the Artist Alley.